The wisdom in rethinking my money story!

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Rethinking My Money Story

The wisdom in rethinking my money story …

I recall this one day in my life, about 25 years ago, when I was driving down the 55 freeway in Orange County, CA, in my beautiful, almost new, leased Firebird, and traffic was in gridlock. We would move a little, pick up speed, then boom, stopped again. If you have ever driven on any Southern California freeway during rush hour, you would know exactly what I mean.

In one moment, the car in front of me stopped suddenly, as I was looking down at my CD player, popping in one of my favorite songs, Willie Nelson singing “Always on my Mind”. In that one regretful moment, cars started moving, and bang, the car in front of me stopped suddenly, I plowed my Firebird into his vehicle, and the woman behind me plowed into the rear of my car. There I was in a three-car crash, on the freeway, with gridlock all around. I had a serious neck injury. The woman behind me was also injured. The stress I had been experiencing in my life, over my negative financial situation, flashed through my mind. I was in despair! This moment felt like another major sabotage, like many others I had previously created.

It took some time before the ambulance and police could get to the scene, so while I was still softly playing Willie’s CD, I suddenly turned my anger at what had just happened, onto myself. I started banging on the steering wheel and crying out “what is wrong with me?” Yes, and why me God? I’m a good hard-working person. Since this was before air bags, I was injured, my car was totaled and I was broke.

A few months later I moved on to pursue another one of my ideas, starting a construction risk management company in Florida with an investor. I changed the scenery but I was still not in a “thrive” mindset.

I wish I had known then, what I know today!

I took the basic money mastery course from Dr. Dave Krueger about three years ago and processed why I kept sabotaging myself, over and over again, when it came to money. I had participated in and facilitated several personal and professional development seminars, where I reflected on my regrets over how I had been handling my finances. It wasn’t that I didn’t know or understand how to make money. I made plenty of money! It was really about how impractical I was in managing it. If I hadn’t resisted so much and listened to my intuition then, I would have hired a money manager or a coach, during my high production years. Instead, I would go on to make another $100,000 and spend $150,000, and believe I had it all figured out.

They say timing is everything. Even though I had done all this work in the past on myself, and started coaching others in developing their emotional intelligence (EQ), I was still not finding my way to prosperity. Today, I am in a place of trusting my inner wisdom to manage my money, so I no longer have the financial stress. I am so confident about my future that after completing Dr. Krueger’s Your New Money Story® Mentor Training, I am  forming my own coaching groups to pass on a roadmap to prosperity, to all those who want to thrive in their lives.  One of my favorite  lessons from Dr. Krueger is; State/Story/Strategy, that’s the process.  It’s a concept that has resonated with me and I am ready to teach!

I couldn’t have imagined on that day over 25 years ago, how my mindset (state of mind) would change, and what a difference that would make in my quest for prosperity. Prosperity, to me, is not only having wealth or achieving success and affluence; it is also about the richness of my relationships and the positive influence I can impart in the world.

Gloria Manchester, Certified Life Coach, Writer/Author, Seminar Facilitator, and Licensed Specialty-Certified New Money Story® Mentor Coach.