Starr Course For Teens

The STARR Course for girls, ages 14-18, is an exciting two days that will launch your daughter on a journey of discovery, identity and purpose. STARR stands for Succeed through Accountable Responsible Resolve.

Girls learn first how to be women from their mothers. There is a crucial link between mothers and daughters, and healthy relationships. So, even though as mothers and role models, we may not have achieved all of our own dreams, we can still empower and encourage our daughters to dream beyond what they can see and reach for the stars.

As parents we want to raise emotionally intelligent daughters armed with self confidence and self esteem. We also want to protect them from harm and provide them with every opportunity to be successful. The STARR Course is one such opportunity.

In a safe and supportive environment, and through her full participation, she will learn…

  • The Colors of personalities (strengths and limitations)
  • To communicate honestly and effectively
  • To give and receive constructive feedback
  • To develop healthy boundaries (and keep herself safe)
  • To connect and collaborate with others
  • To commit to her dreams and goals
  • To breakthrough her own limitations
  • To be compassionate with others (paying it forward)

STARR is a unique, fun-filled, interactive and meaningful experience with music and engaging activities specifically designed for teens. This course is being offered in the Pittsburgh area out of the commitment of several mothers (who wanted a version of the women’s leadership course called PIE) for their teens. There is only room for 25 girls so reserve a seat early.

To support your teen and be a part of her personal journey, we are requesting that you participate in the final three hours of the course on Sunday from 3 PM through the graduation ceremony.


The course experience was so incredibly unbelievable for me and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. I never thought I could completely change my life, without really changing much. I find my relationships becoming more intimate with family and with friends. Thank you for letting the star in me shine through.


I am going to start with a huge thank you to the STARR team, you all made such an imprint in my life and the way I now view the world. I really hope that young, and even older girls, participate in this program because it is life-changing. I have already recommended it to my close friends and family members.


I participated in the STARR Course for teens in 2008. Before STARR I was unable to trust so many of those around me because of what had happened to me. But after completing it, I felt worthy, learned to trust and how to protect myself. It was also a lot of fun and totally worth it.

 STARR Inteview 


Fee Schedule

Register your teen today – seats are limited to the first 25. Girls must be present for all sessions Saturday and Sunday and willing to participate in a teleconference coaching session within a 30-day period following the course. We are requesting that mothers or other significant woman in the teen’s life attend the last three hours of the course on Sunday.

Partial Payment Deposit (5 installments – includes the book “Color your Future”) :: $80.00
Full Payment :: $400.00
Enrollment details, please call 1-800-606-4227  


CARTE website:

10% of all course fees paid to LEAP support the CARTE programs.