Rethinking Community

When thousands of women were asked – what are the two things they would want to improve or where do they want to grow in their lives, the answer was two-fold, balance (to take care of themselves as well as family and career) and purpose (why are they here), how can they serve in their communities and the world.

As Ghandi said “you must be the change you want to see in the world”.  By rethinking your community you can see that everything you model makes a difference to those people around you. By becoming the change you want to see in your life you will be a bright shining star in this uncertain world.

With all the programs LEAP offers… all participants can expand and enrich their lives and find their balance and purpose.

We are the main corporate sponsor for CARTE-Child Abuse Resolved through Education, a 501C3 with chapters in California and Pennsylvania. This is our cause, our purpose, to build leaders in the community and nationally that will mentor women and teen girls to grow into self-sufficient, strong, independent women and model this for their children. It’s all about growing leaders to model for the next generation.

CARTE’s Vision and Mission…

To be a bold interruption in the generational cycle of domestic violence, abuse and exploitation of children by creating bright, shining stars in this uncertain world. Through our dynamic, committed leadership, our ultimate mission is to champion women and teenage girls, inspiring and encouraging them to strive for excellence through their courageous participation in the STARR Programs offered by CARTE.

We invite you to rethink your community work, and join us by becoming a STARR Partner – for the most worthy endeavor of changing the lives of under-served women and children. Go to and become a member of support and change.