My New Money Story

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Since completing the New Money Story ® I have enjoyed a greater sense of self-worth …

I am now excited for my prosperous new future. In the past few weeks, I have enjoyed, daily, a greater sense of self-worth, and an ease with problems that in the past would have been triggers for extreme stress. I feel like I am cultivating the internal parental wisdom that I never received, and it feels good. I look forward to  living my life with greater purpose. ” – Marc Moreau, Maryland

Developing prosperity:  A flourishing, thriving, successful, influential, mindset, and life condition!

In our breakthrough New Prosperity Story Coaching Series, you will learn about …

  • Your Current Money Mindset (from childhood or loss)
  • Recognizing your Own Self-Sabotages (what’s blocking your success?)
  • Self-Regulating for Success (to create prosperity in all areas of your life)
  • Playing to Win Vs Playing Not to Lose (re-calibrating along the way)
  • Building Strategic Partnerships (the magic of synergy)
  • The Power of Story (the story you have unconsciously been telling yourself)
  • Mapping Changes (to a new story)
  • Communicating to Connect (building on relationships)
  • Owning your New Money Story (this is a new beginning)
  • Leadership (influencing others)
  • Monetizing your Career, Idea or Business through Collaboration (actually making $)

Register here  – This is a $1,295 value and you can save your seat for this ground-breaking series for a $95 deposit and two recurring payments of $300 each over 2 months.

Your Money Story
Everyone has a money story, a money autobiography with a plot, storylines, conflicts, and aspirations. Every important relationship, including money, has its own history, develops its own story, and evolves its own language. Even though we talk about money regularly and think about it daily, we may not know how to clearly and simply tell our money stories to ourselves to see what needs to change. ” – Dave Krueger, M.D.
Your coach, Gloria Manchester is president of Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP), bestselling author, personality science trainer, C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach, and Specialty-Certified New Money Story-New Life Story® Mentor Coach.  In this series she takes her own extensive certified coaching experience to focus on your relationship with money and how it plays into all your other relationships.  This lively, dynamic 6-session coaching series over 7 weeks will present a context for breakdown (of old money story) and breakthrough (to new money story).

An Invaluable Experience …

R.C., California
Through my participation in this series, my relationship with money has drastically changed.  I am now more conscious about my money mindset and how it has influenced my behavior around money and loss. As a result, I now catch myself before self-sabotaging and see that I can easily choose to move into actions that better serve me and my financial goals. It has been an invaluable experience and I have no doubt I will be using the tools I learned for the rest of my life.”

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At the end of this series, you will have created, not only your new money story with a process for monetizing your career/idea/business …  you will create  a powerful shift in your ‘whole’ life.

You’ll be working with your professional coach in group ZOOM sessions (online video) who will engage you individually, and as a group, hold accountability, support you, and co-create strategies. Between sessions you’ll work with your partner(s) on an assignment (Synergy 1+1=3). When you work in partnership or on a team with a common goal such as developing a new money story, it is synergy in action and a powerful forwarding process!

Six sessions weekly beginning Fall of 2016 (Thursdays).  Seating is limited to eight (8) participants.  The dates are spread out over a 7-week time period so that you can implement the concepts and get results while in a coaching environment. A complete agenda will be provided to you once enrolled.

Register here, then go to PayPal and make the non-refundable deposit to hold your space.  Seats are limited to eight (8) so register early. Don’t miss this. Through your full participation, you will propel your life forward.

I now value myself as a talented woman who deserves respect ...
By participating in this group coaching, I did not expect to transform my limiting beliefs around creating healthy relationships. That was a bonus! As I got coaching from Gloria during the series, I realized I had allowed my past partners to ignore my feelings and needs. Now, I value myself as a talented woman who deserves respect, quality time, and authentic personal touch. My goal is to continue growing my business and have the relationship I deserve.” – Heidi Bogert, Hawaii

Fee Schedule

Deposit :: $95.00
Recurring Payments (2 installments) :: $300.00
Full Payment :: $695.00
Enrollment details, please call 1-800-606-4227