Partner in Excellence (PIE) Life and Leadership Course for Women

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Are you ready for a major breakthrough?

See the short video below on how other women have re-ignited their lives and empowered themselves to thrive and achieve their goals. Join us at Larkspur Landing in Roseville, CA (Sacramento area) on November 11 through 13, 2016 for this breakthrough event!

Connect – Commit – Conquer



We believe women are the tipping point of peace and prosperity in the world today!

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A Bold Leap Forward  in Personal and Professional Development

Partner in Excellence (PIE) Life and Leadership Course for Women

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  You ask yourself who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”   – Marianne Williamson

Are you ready to let your true light shine?

By taking action what you will discover about yourself is …

  • Develop an intention-driven mindset
  • Increase your emotional intelligence using the four EQ skills
  • Collaborate and partner with others for impact
  • Identify how you unconsciously sabotage yourself
  • Move from sabotage to success
  • Live into your value and higher purpose as a woman and a leader
  • Expand your prosperity quotient (P-IQ™)
  • Create a New Money Story®
  • Practice communicating to connect to positively influence change
  • Reset your aspirations and re-energize your life for greater results
  • Experience life-changing breakthroughs
  • And, learn to balance it all

PIE is a dynamic 2.5 day experiential journey to develop your highest potential as a woman and a leader. You will learn how to overcome limitations and experience breakthroughs to your goals and dreams. This course is based on leading-edge research in Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence. The PIE experience will be memorable, sustainable, and transformational when you apply the principles learned in your daily life.

Here’s what the tuition also includes:

  • Hartman Color Code Personality Science Assessment
  • A 30 minute one-on-one professional coaching session
  • Wisdom in Me Journal and Workbook
  • A copy of the inspiring book –RE…The wisdom in rethinking your life!
  • Bonus break-out session on healthy living and movement
  • Healthy snacks and lunches
  • A New Money Story® Roadmap to Money Mastery
  • Two ZOOM coaching sessions for follow-up within 30 days of graduation

Facilitators Gloria Manchester and Rose Gibbons, and the volunteer staff of PIE (graduates who come back to serve) invite you and your friends to join us for this life-enhancing experience.  Net proceeds benefit the STARR Project Teen-Esteem Life Course for at-risk teen girls.  Space is limited to 18 women and sells out very quickly!


Marsha Murman
Marsha Murman

In 2007, I called upon my mentor, Gloria Manchester, to bring the Partner in Excellence (PIE) Course to the women of Pittsburgh. Every one of my friends, most of my family members, and a host of co-workers and customers have completed it, including my daughter, Jade, who participated when she was only 19! PIE is a remarkable and forwarding experience!”

Beth Caldwell
Beth Caldwell

Participating in PIE was one of the best choices I have ever made for my personal life and professional career. I use the tools that I learned in PIE every day. As a result, I have taken some giant leaps, achieved big goals and healed personal relationships. I wish I had been fortunate enough to do the STARR Life Course when I was a teenager.”

Candice Komar
Candice Komar

When Marsha first described PIE to me, I remember saying to her, “I have no free time and I am honestly pretty content with where things stand in my life.” At the time I was not married, truthfully, I didn’t even have a relationship which was just fine then. My professional life was and still is extremely exciting and successful so before PIE I wasn’t seriously looking for anything more. Yet I was intrigued enough by the opportunity to break through another layer of personal and professional achievement. Since PIE, I gave myself the gift of dreaming beyond anything I had imagined, asking myself, “What do I really want that I don’t already have in my life – rather than answering to other people’s ideals and expectations of me?”

PIE is a safe supportive environment to exercise your willingness to make positive changes to live your highest aspirations. Perhaps this very moment is your time! Don’t hesitate, register below!

Next PIE: Sacramento Area, CA

Fee Schedule

Non-refundable Deposit :: $95.00
Recurring Payments (2 installments) :: $300.00
Pay Balance :: $600.00
Full Payment :: $695.00
Enrollment details, please call 1-800-606-4227  
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