LEAP to Excellence

Does your team need to be re-inspired and re-energized? How does a company like Genentech, a leader in both business and corporate culture, continue to thrive in these challenging economic times when many companies struggling to survive?

The answer is… by developing and investing in their employees.  Their management recognizes that their continued success, in large measure, is attributed to those employees that have stayed committed and willing to make a greater contribution to the whole.  The world economy is rapidly changing and in order to thrive in the currents of change, you and your employees must stay intention-driven rather than succumb to the economic circumstances you may be facing.   

The Leap to Excellence Workshop is one of the dynamic ways in which Genentech and other companies are building stronger, more effective teams that are making a greater contribution to their corporate goals and objectives.  By participating in this highly accelerated one day training, with a 30 and 90 day telecoaching follow up, your team will not only significantly increase their professional potential, the value and benefits gained will translate into their personal lives.  Most corporate trainings do not recognize the importance of focusing on both professional and personal development in order to establish a win/win culture.

During this dynamic workshop each member of your team will learn to recognize how their current perceptions and attitudes affect their decisions and the actions they then take.  Through their full participation and willingness to redevelop their perceptions, each member can become the ‘CEO’ of achieving winning results…Commitment – Excellence – Open to Change and Opportunity, (see LEAP Winning Results Chart (PDF)).

Training Design

LEAP to Excellence is an accelerated, innovative, experiential workshop that engages and ignites participants in such a way that they produce more powerful results…ultimately creating a greater return on your investment.

Results You Can Expect

Your team will…

  • Determine their own and each other’s driving motives in order to communicate more effectively
  • Recognize the impact of valuing strengths and differences in others
  • Bring individual responsibility and team accountability to a greater degree of excellence
  • Increase their engagement and willingness to perform as a high-functioning team
  • Identify and break through the barriers that may sabotage their results
  • Develop an intention-driven attitude
  • Learn what it takes to be Playing to Win (PDF) in a diverse work culture

Fee Schedule

Deposit (non-refundable to hold seat) :: $100.00
18-24 Attendees :: $4,800.00
Option 1 (if signed by a certain date with 5+ at one time) ::  $259.00
Option 2 (intro for specific cities or 5+ at one time) :: $289.00
Option 3 (full per person fee) :: $350.00
Enrollment details, please call 1-800-606-4227