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Why you do what you do

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Inspired Women Color Code Presentation (video)

Interpersonal Skill Workshop

In these challenging economic times, in order for any organization to continue to thrive, it is essential to develop effective teams that are in contribution to the corporate mission and committed to excellence.  As a leader it is not only important to have a corporate vision, clearly defined goals, and a strategy to meet those goals, it is vitally important to recognize and develop individual and team performance potential. When individuals and teams excel… the organization thrives.

Building top performing individuals and teams requires a clear understanding of the underlying motives that drive us toward our goals, fuel production and evoke our commitment.  We all have distinct innate personalities that determine the way we think, communicate and generate results. ©2008 Color Code International has identified four basic personality types (colors).

Through your participation with your team, in this three-hour workshop, you will readily recognize your own innate motives that drive your performance and that of your team members.  Participants will identify and learn how to maximize inherent strengths in themselves and others.  Leaders will acquire tools to develop synergistically dynamic teams. 

Upon registration for the Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop each team member will be required to complete the Color Code Personality Test online and will then receive a full comprehensive work-up of their core colors. We will be working with this material in the three-hour workshop..

The Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop is offered by LEAP as a stand-alone product. This interactive energetic workshop is an introduction to the more extensive one-day LEAP to Excellence professional and personal development training.
In this workshop, through full participation, you and your team will…
  • Determine driving motives and recognize why you and others do what you do
  • Identify the colors of high-performing teams
  • Recognize the impact of valuing strengths and differences in others
  • Engage with each other in a lively format
  • Practice communication styles that increase effectiveness with others
  • Learn what it takes to be Playing to Win (PDF) in a diverse culture

Fee Schedule

Comprehensive Color Code Assessment ::  $30.00
Open Enrollment :: $225.00
Group Enrollment (up to 18 attendees) :: $3,200
Enrollment details, please call 1-800-606-4227  

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