Coaching to Excellence

Coaching Mission Statement:

To champion women who commit to setting and achieving powerful personal and/or professional goals in order to reinvent their lives.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is typically a one-on-one partnership in which you and a certified coach pro-actively strategize to accomplish your goals…in order to get what you say you really want. By fully and openly participating in the coaching process, you can overcome obstacles that have been in your way of living an abundant and empowered life, personally or professionally. Coaching greatly increases the potential for you to achieve success more quickly than what you would attain on your own.

The personal coaching experience first begins with a 30-day commitment consisting of four weekly one-hour sessions. During this time you will be guided through the foundational principles of life success and set a short term goal to be completed by the final session. Throughout the process your coach will support and assist you in overcoming any barriers that may interfere with achieving your goal. Upon completion of the first four sessions, together we will evaluate your progress, and any additional goals you are prepared to accomplish, or address any other issues you are prepared to resolve.

Life coaching is an invaluable gift of support you give to yourself… one on one attention to attaining what you say you really want and overcoming the barriers/limitations that hold you back or get in the way of living your best life.

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Some of the other benefits of coaching:

  • Set clear boundaries for your life
  • Receive committed support from your coach to accomplish what you say you really want
  • Build your confidence and take the LEAP to empower your life
  • Stop procrastination and actively co-create solutions to any situation
  • Create tools to translate your hopes and dreams into action
  • Get feedback to improve your relationships through the objective ear of your coach
  • Gain clarity around your life purpose

Group TeleCoaching:

Group Telecoaching is a less costly coaching practice and can bring many similar benefits as one on one coaching…and is experienced in a group dynamic with other motivated women equally as committed to enriching their lives.

Each session will be held with four women. Invite a friend to partner with you to join in these dynamic group sessions, all over North America, where you each set specific goals in two of four areas of your choice; relationship, career/financial, spiritual and health or overall well being. Or, form your own group of four. If you want more balance in your life, this could be the program for you. This should be a very energizing journey to take together.

After the initial four sessions you will each be provided with tools and email coaching is available. This is an effective follow-up to the telecoaching, and a way of receiving ongoing support to resolve personal issues and achieve additional goals in a private setting.

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Gloria Manchester is committed to facilitating the personal development of all women by teaching the principles of living an intention-driven lifestyle. She has co-developed and facilitated Partner in Excellence and LEAP to Excellence trainings over several years. She serves as President and on the board of CARTE-Child Abuse Resolved Through Education. She is currently collaborating with several agencies and women’s groups across the country in providing victims of domestic abuse an accelerated, experiential course to positively re-invent their lives… in spite of their abuses. Gloria’s coaching is not only powerfully dynamic, it is purposefully functional as well. She is the mother of two successful grown married children and grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren.

Fee Schedule

Non-refundable deposit to hold seat for any session :: $50.00
CARE Coaching :: $295.00
Tele-coaching (3 1.5 hour sessions) :: $600.00
Per Person (Group Tele-coaching) :: $295.00
Enrollment details, please call 1-800-606-4227  
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