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The Wisdom in Teens

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“We must tell girls their voices are important.” – Malala Yousafzai Are we holding our teenage girls back from becoming great leaders? I asked myself this question in the midst of organizing the STARR Project Teen-Esteem and Leadership Experience held in July 2015 in Coloma, CA. Do women have to show up as super human to get noticed for leadership positions? As I look at the political landscape today, I think, why are there not more women running for high office?  Women are over 50% of the vote! In society, in general, do we not hold women as capable as men? In STARR, the teen girls were...

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The wisdom in rethinking my money story!

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Rethinking My Money Story The wisdom in rethinking my money story … I recall this one day in my life, about 25 years ago, when I was driving down the 55 freeway in Orange County, CA, in my beautiful, almost new, leased Firebird, and traffic was in gridlock. We would move a little, pick up speed, then boom, stopped again. If you have ever driven on any Southern California freeway during rush hour, you would know exactly what I mean. In one moment, the car in front of me stopped suddenly, as I was looking down at my CD player, popping in one of my favorite songs, Willie Nelson singing “Always...

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